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3 Reasons CFOs and CIOs Should Build a Strong Relationship


Jane Irene Kelly of Robert Half Management makes a strong case why financial and information technology executives need to work closely together. Why CFOs and CIOs relationship is so important? Given the central role that technology plays in supporting modern businesses — and their finance functions — the chief financial officer and the chief information officer need to form a

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3 Features of Human Resources Systems Finance Executives Should Know


3 Features of Human Resources Systems Finance Executives Should Know   It seems as if for many years Finance Executives have been involved in Human Resources, but now it seems as though the majority are involved.   By Robert Half Management Resources on August 12, 2015 at 12:02 PM Many CFOs find that their responsibilities have been expanding lately. In

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Want to Inspire Innovation at Work? Here Are 5 Ways

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Savvy businesses are always looking for ways to inspire innovation at work. Good leaders know that success comes from unconventional thinking and visionary ideas. And creativity is not just for computer companies, artists or ad agencies. In accounting and finance jobs, novel approaches can streamline operations and improve the bottom line. What’s more, when employees feel that management listens to

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The Biggest Fears for CFOs


What are the biggest fears for Canadian CFOs? As a follow up to our article: What are your biggest fears as a CPA?, we examine the primary concerns for Canadian CFO’s in 2015. Based on the quarter’s findings in 2013, Canadian CFO’s were, in general, more optimistic than their American counterparts, which is a significant change from what was reported before. Deloitte’s Q1 CFO

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Accounting & Finance – Talking Brass Tacks and Bottom Lines

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TORONTO, July 9, 2015 / – For individuals on the outside it can often feel like those in the financial world use a language all their own, with enough acronyms, formulas and jargon to make their head spin. So it’s no surprise that financial professionals have trouble trying to get across complex financial information to coworkers. In a Robert Half Finance

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Experts Advise Investors on Greek Debt Crisis


ThinkAdvisor posted that “Vanguard’s Davis, BlackRock’s Koesterich and more commented on Greece’s debt crisis and what it could mean for investors” “Joe Davis of Vanguard.” It’s what every investor is talking about: Greece. On Tuesday, four market experts around the U.S. each commented on Greece’s debt crisis and what it could mean for investors.   Read further: Visit daily to be

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Networking at the Top: 7 Tips for Current and Aspiring CFOs


“The importance of networking is no secret to any accounting and finance professional – particularly those who have already made their way up the ladder. But brushing up on networking skills is never a bad idea, even for experienced finance managers and chief financial officers.” as posted by Robert Half Management Resources on February 11, 2015 at 3:00 PM They go

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