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Review of the Economist Special Report on Artificial Intelligence

Accounting Firms, Hot Tips for Maximum Profits in 2015

Review of the Economist Special Report on Artificial Intelligence: Written by William Petryk This is a review for anyone in management to let them know why reading the April 6th edition of The Economist is a good idea.  This is the issue that includes a special report on “Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace”.  It should be read by anyone who

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Post 9 to 5 Lifestyling: Speaker and Sponsor is Jeffrey Gregory Of Desjardins Financial: One Week To Go!!

Retirement lifestyles Presents: Post 9 – 5 Lifestyling Sponsored by: Jeffrey Gregory Of Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. Free Raffle Prize: Google Home mini Join us on July 31st. Everyone looks forward to the last day of work.  The Post 9 to 5.  A chance to enjoy life and strike things off of bucket lists.  However, few people have truly thought

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CPA CPD Requirements: How many hours of CPD have you fullfilled? Dec 31st. 2018 is fast approaching; for your 120 hour requirement.

CPA Ontario states that: Annually, CPAs are required to submit a CPD declaration to remain in good standing with CPA Ontario and CPA Canada. The CPD declaration reflects the previous calendar year Jan.1 to Dec. 31. CPD declarations are due June 1. Declarations received between June 2 and June 30 are subject to late fees. Members with outstanding declarations after June

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Serving the public interest: More efficient standard-setting oversight – AcSOC 2017-2018 Annual Report

Reviewing our approach to oversight, listening carefully to our stakeholders, and overseeing and supporting the work of the AcSB and PSAB – we served the public interest through more efficient standard-setting oversight. As reported by The Standard. Read more about our 2017-2018 activities in our Annual Report. Read now!

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Are you running out of runway?

Successful Business Transition

Are you running out of runway? Feeling tired and not prepared to do any more work on the business? Maybe you waited too long to sell and the end is still not in sight. The kids are now older and not interested in running the company. Employees are not prepared to buy or run the business. You may have had

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How are you keeping up to date on Accounting? is the provider of up-to-date accounting information. is the provider of up to date accounting information, trends and changes, serving accountants and business people interested in Accounting for their businesses. For years, has provided Accounting; articles, surveys, employment opportunities, resource recommendations and accounting services by some of the best known speakers, companies and authors. is best known for “Filling in the Gaps for Canadian

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Statement of Principles – A Revised Reporting Model for the Canadian Public Sector

Statement of Principles – A Revised Reporting Model for the Canadian Public Sector. As reported by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. Weigh in on proposals for a new reporting model! PSAB has issued a Statement of Principles proposing a revised reporting model for the Canadian public sector. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit their responses by November 28, 2018. Give us

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