CPA CPD Requirements: How many hours of CPD have you fulfilled? Dec 31st. 2018 is fast approaching; for your 120 hour requirement.

CPA Ontario states that: Annually, CPAs are required to submit a CPD declaration to remain in good standing with CPA Ontario and CPA Canada. The CPD declaration reflects the previous calendar year Jan.1 to Dec. 31. CPD declarations are due June 1. Declarations received between June 2 and June 30 are subject to late fees. Members with outstanding declarations after June 30 are subject to membership suspension.

As a CPA Ontario member you must complete 120 hours of CPD every three years (50 per cent of which must be verifiable) to ensure the maintenance and improvement of your professional competence.

You can set your own schedule to meet the 120 hours. The only condition is a minimum of 20 hours annually (50 per cent of which must be verifiable).

The current three-year period began January 1, 2016, and ends December 31, 2018.

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