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How are you keeping up to date on Accounting?

TheGAAP.net is the provider of up-to-date accounting information.

You can continue to keep up to date on accounting by visiting us daily for your accounting update.   TheGAAP.net is the provider of up to date accounting information, trends and changes, serving accountants and business people interested in Accounting for their businesses. For years, TheGAAP.net has provided Accounting; articles, surveys, employment opportunities, resource recommendations and accounting services by some

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IFRS: So many choices…. How do you decide?

The following is taken from Mike Morley’s latest book “IFRS Simplified” IFRS: So many choices…. How is the accountant supposed to decide? International Financial Reporting Standards employ four key principles as guidelines to making decisions regarding which accounting treatment to apply in a particular situation.   Should the asset be classified as available-for-sale or as available-for-use? Should the value assigned

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Accounting & Finance – Talking Brass Tacks and Bottom Lines

TORONTO, July 9, 2015 /TheGAAP.net/ – For individuals on the outside it can often feel like those in the financial world use a language all their own, with enough acronyms, formulas and jargon to make their head spin. So it’s no surprise that financial professionals have trouble trying to get across complex financial information to coworkers. In a Robert Half Finance

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Fellow CPA Ontario members: 2015-2016 Annual Membership Dues Deadline


Fellow CPA Ontario members: 2015-2016 Annual Membership Dues Deadline This is a reminder that each year, CPA’s are required to pay Annual Membership Dues (AMD) and submit their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) declaration. This is also the time of the year to review and update your contact information. Bylaw 4.10 states: “all CPAs are required to provide CPA Ontario with current contact information.” The  deadlines are

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Frauds pretending to be the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)

Fraudulent communications pretending to be the CRA

Important notice: Beware of fraudulent communications The Canada Revenue Agency has a security announcement stating that they are aware of scams involving email e-transfers of funds. CRA goes on to say payments are only made via: direct deposit or by cheque, they don’t use INTERAC e-transfers. While taxpayers may receive telephones, mail, text messages or emails, they could also receive

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