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How to advise Clients with a Covid-19 Cash Crisis – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

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July 21, 2020 – 7:30 p.m. As financial professionals, we are quietly proud of our upstanding credit ratings. We are accustomed to paying our bills on time, having Zero balance credit cards, and low interest rate mortgages or no mortgage at all. But do you know what to say to a friend, family member, client or business owner who has

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Top Ten Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Your Mortgage Renewal

   Least possible resistance? – Don’t just take the easy way and renew your mortgage without giving it a thought. This could cost you money – and possibly a lot of money. Review your financial situation, the property, and the current state of the mortgage market. When should I start thinking about mortgage renewal? – Each renewal date is an

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Cash Flow: is the Lifeblood of any Business. Are you successfully managing your Cash Flow?

Successful cash flow management can lead to your company’s continued success while unsuccessfully managing cash can lead to it’s demise. Yesterday’s article talked about: “Cash Flow: Handle it now; before it becomes out of control”. How are you handling yours? Have you built a cash flow statement? And if you have do you meet with the Sales and General,

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