Performance Management


A. Comprehensive definition of performance management

Performance Management (PM) is a continuous process that involves a collection of integrated activities aimed at ensuring company objectives are met.

Business research has revealed that over 50% of work done in organizations directly conflicts with the organization’s strategic goals and priorities. Find out how to get employees back on task.

Business research also shows that about 80% of corporate strategies fail. Find out how to become part of the successful minority.

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Effective PM drives the company toward achieving the strategic and operational objectives, and provides a solid understanding of whether and to what degree the objectives have been met.

The fact is, many of us are approaching the new business game playing by old rules. Find out how to become a more agile performer.

PM is both strategic and integrated, aiming to assess and enhance the performance of individual, teams, systems, and other sub-units so that the collective performance of the company is as effective and efficient as possible. This includes a close look at revenues, costs and value creation (usually economic), and other key criteria in order to assess whether the company has been successful vis-à-vis its strategic objectives.

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A complete PM system allows the company to comprehensively assess the performance of all systems and operations, with an eye toward continuous improvement. Effective PM will allow the company the opportunity to gain timely and insightful feedback on how its resources have performed. This allows management to react quickly and mindfully with the appropriate changes, to ensure that the organization stays focused on accomplishing the strategy and financial expectations set by senior management.

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B. Proposed Workshops and Webinars

(key performance enablers that many organizations lack)

  • Strategy formulation fundamentals
  • Strategy mapping step-by-step
  • Customer profitability
  • Injecting creativity into the organization
  • Balanced scorecard step-by-step
  • Communicating performance
  • Analyzing results to enhance performance
  • Using failure as a competitive weapon
  • Enhancing performance through risk management
  • Finance for the non-finance professionals

About Cam Scholey, Performance Management Expert
Cam Scholey, MBA, Ph.D., CPA, FCPA, FCMA (Principal Advisor at Best in Scho, Toronto) trains and develops people to build and then effectively use tools for superior performance management. He has written several management accounting guidelines (MAGs) and articles on strategy mapping and balanced scorecard. His first book, A Practical Guide to the Balanced Scorecard was published in 2002 (CCH Canadian).
Cam creates and custom designs strategy maps and balanced scorecards for organizations in both the profit and not-for-profit sector. He is endorsed by several CPAs of Ontario in Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Budgets, Research and other business disciplines.

He is also a 19-year university instructor (in-class and online – primary courses: financial accounting; management accounting; management controls; finance). He is best suited to get on track, or develop from scratch your PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT. Get in touch now at 416.209.0704 (WhatsApp, text or call)

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