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Choosing an executor for your estate. Jeffrey Gregory of Desjardins.

When you are writing your will, one of the most important decisions you have to make is who to name as your executor. Here are a few key considerations. Visit daily to be kept up to date on accounting information, trends and changes.   For years, has provided Accounting; articles, surveys, employment opportunities, resource recommendations and accounting services

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Are you familiar with the Individual Pension Plan?

For owners of SMBs, an individual pension plan can be a way of maximizing retirement capital while providing advantages similar to those of a defined benefit pension plan. People who work for a large employer with a defined benefit pension plan have a distinct advantage: they can predict the income they will draw from their pension fund each year… for

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A World of Change

Canada’s Financial Services industry is often touted for its stability. But the very qualities that have created steady profitability and made the industry the envy of the world — regulation, prudence, caution, tradition — can no longer protect it from a tsunami of change. Regulators are trying to level the playing field, with the introduction of CRM 2; independent firms are

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