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I want to make the most positive impact on as many CPAs as possible.

We provide up to date accounting information, trends and changes. We hold many informative events. Is there anything else I can do to help CPAs become more successful? Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours, Paul J. Calleri, FCPA, FCMA Paul J. Calleri, Chartered Professional Accountant Management Consulting & Accounting Services 416.876.3798 Proudly celebrating 18 years /linkedin Founder

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Canada appointed as inaugural member of global Sustainability Standards Advisory Forum


Canada was appointed as one of 13 jurisdictions and regions from around the world to form the new Sustainability Standards Advisory Forum (SSAF). The SSAF will work with the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) towards a comprehensive global baseline of sustainability-related disclosure for capital markets. As reported by The Standard. Learn more   Visit daily to be kept up

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CPA Toronto Accounting Group: Build Greater Successes: Join Today!!

The CPA Toronto Accounting Group (CPA TAG) members will work together to build greater successes in our professions by networking, learning, building strategic alliances and forming friendships. CPA TAG meets monthly online; on the second Tuesday of the month. Join today, no cost:  

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Becoming a great Finance-Accounting Communicator-Storyteller – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

Full Day PD Event

 Becoming a great Finance/Accounting Communicator/Storyteller Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory of Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.   An interactive online zoom call on January 30th at 07:00 pm Eastern Time Why is having great communication skills a ‘game changer’ for any Finance or Accounting professional? 85% of our success is driven by our communication skills as per The Dale Carnegie Institute. Warren Buffett famously

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Goal Setting – How to set goals and achieve them in 2023-Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

Goal Setting: How to set goals and achieve them in 2023 Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory of Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. An interactive online zoom call on January 17th at 07:00 pm Eastern Time Success starts with goal setting.  But how do you know if you are setting the right goals?  And if you have the right goals, how does a goal go from

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Be strong, be patient and be safe

As reported by the WHO Advice for the public: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) This content is last updated on 10 May 2022.   Vaccines explained series This page includes advice from WHO on ways to protect yourself and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The downloadable infographics below provide guidance on general and specific topics related to the pandemic. Stay aware of the

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Accounting – The Importance of the CPA CPD Requirements

time to do taxes, T1

Professional development is crucial for us to sustain our successful career. It’s important to sharpen our accounting and business skills and knowledge and continuously keep abreast of new developments in our field. Just like the companies we work for; if they are not learning and growing their competition is and for CPA’s there are “CPD Requirements” to ensure that we

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