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CPAs: Do not fail to comply with CPD requirements


REQUIREMENTS as per CPA Ontario Revisions to Regulation 7-2: Continuing Professional Development (CPD), for reporting years beginning January 1, 2022. In 2021, CPA Ontario Council approved revisions to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Regulation 7-2 that will affect CPD requirements for new and retired members for reporting years beginning January 1, 2022. A reporting year is the calendar year immediately preceding the year that the

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CPA CPD Requirements in Ontario


CPD Requirements Guide – CPA Ontario: Visit daily to be kept up to date on accounting information, trends and changes. Visit also for your CPD needs: Thank you for making your source for keeping up to date on accounting.  

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Accounting – The Importance of the CPA CPD Requirements

time to do taxes, T1

Professional development is crucial for us to sustain our successful career. It’s important to sharpen our accounting and business skills and knowledge and continuously keep abreast of new developments in our field. Just like the companies we work for; if they are not learning and growing their competition is and for CPA’s there are “CPD Requirements” to ensure that we

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Happy New Year: You have one more thing to do for an Ultra Successful 2020!

May 2020 be your best year ever.  If you haven’t already; choose your New Year’s Resolution.   Whether it be small or large; you will be that much better for choosing one and working  towards it’s attainment.   When you do hit your goal; drop me a line and let me know. I always like to hear success stories.   Visit daily

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