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WarrenBDC in a Nutshell

In a nutshell When an Owner agrees to work with WarrenBDC they get a strategic partner working as hard as they are to prepare the business and the Owner for sale or transition.

We take successful companies and increase their value via better Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources.

As successful business Owners, our Clients understand they’re sitting on both hidden and known unrealized potential. So what stands in their way?

Typically Owners Fear:
Losing control by growing too rapidly or beyond their experience. Not being able to source cost effective growth capital. Not being comfortable executing more aggressive sales & marketing. The never ending challenge of finding great people to hire.

All good reasons to explain what has happened. Until now.  WarrenBDC works on a success fee basis as strategic partners, to help overcome the roadblocks, reveal and realize the hidden and obvious potential that exists within every business and grow the company to where the Owner knows it could be.

Our goal is to help our clients figure out personally and professionally where they want to go and to work with them to get there. With as little frustration and as much joy as possible.

When the company and the Owner are ready, we bring the right Buyers to the table. Together we facilitate the sale/transition of their business for 300% more than it is valued at today.

And finally, we make sure the Owners post transition life is full and rewarding while protecting their wealth and legacy to benefit future generations of their family. It all starts with a conversation.



WarrenBDC provides Pre and Post Sale Services for Sellers of businesses (many being family owned and operated). We help to increase the value of your business, while preparing both you and the company for sale or transition.

When you and the business are both ready, the company can be confidently sold or transitioned on your terms. And at this time in your life, that’s what you want.


WarrenBDC lives at the intersection of buying and selling quality businesses. We are an acquisition and business improvement service ideal for a fund or individual buyer looking to choose from a wide variety of established businesses.

For business Buyers we can Identify, Assess, Facilitate and Integrate a Purchase, as well as Improve and help Manage it for you.  A turnkey solution for absent Owners.


Regardless of whether or not you are selling or buying, growing the value of the company is always a good idea.  Typically SMB owners lack all the many resources necessary to take the business where it could or should be.

You can try and put an adhoc group together or you can work with WarrenBDC and our teams of very experienced specialists.

At WarrenBDC we enjoy working with owners of Small and Medium-sized Businesses with annual sales of $3,000,000 to $25,000,000. Exceptions for larger or smaller businesses will be considered on an individual basis.

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