Career Opportunities Whether you are Job Searching or Not – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory Present: Career opportunities whether you are job searching or not Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory Of

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This presentation will combine two related career enhancement opportunities that complement each other. If you are in a job search we will discuss best practices to strengthen and/or expedite your job search. If you are employed but not fulfilled or stuck in your career we will also discuss opportunities to expand your career.


Career opportunities whether you are job searching or not Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

Why you should attend:

  • Learn about a proven system to find a job
  • Numerous tips that will improve your job search process and activities
  • Meet fellow finance professional job seekers. Learn from each other of what is working in the job search environment and pool resources
  • Career enhancement tips to minimize the likelihood of looking for a job

Larry Cooper our speaker created Toronto Finance Network (TFN ) over 12 years ago based on the premise that fellow finance professionals are the best people to help you in your job search and also to be your support network to enhance your career progression. TFN has over the years fulfilled this mandate through the Speakers brought to the meetings, the networking achieved within the group and the community created. Larry himself through his own experience as well as helping members in TFN has become a sought after person for career advice and job search assistance. He will share his insights on these two key paths for any financial professional to have a better career progression.

Speaker Bio

Larry Cooper, CPA is known as the Red To Black CFO as he partners with CEOs and Executive Teams to help grow their business and/or sustain their company during difficult economic times.

Larry has a wealth of direct experience in many different industries ( Pharmaceutical, Biologicals, CPG, Food, Automotive,) in all sectors of the economy ( Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Retail) operating in all of the different organization structures. ( public, private, owner managed, multinational ) which enables him to be an effective CFO in all environments.

Larry is a Forum Chair at MacKay CEO Forums where he has created a CFO Group through MacKay CEO Forum’s exemplary peer to peer learning experience. Larry is also the Author of the Book-Red To Black, Secrets of a Savvy CFO to Run Your Business Successfully and also co-author of the International Best Selling Book-Achieve.

This will be VERY different from most of the online activities at the moment. There is NO Selling. There is all about learning and sharing. Therefore, there are a few requirements to ensure we all maximize the benefit of the evening:

  • You will need to have video and audio available and ON. Be willing to speak. Each of us has something to contribute. This is NOT a session to just sit and listen. The power of this session is in sharing.
  • You will need to be present and engaged, not traveling in your car.
  • You will need to schedule 90 minutes.

We look forward to you joining us on the call and your active participation.


Career opportunities whether you are job searching or not Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

Paul Calleri, Founder of TheGAAP.Net

Larry Cooper, Founder of Toronto Finance Network (TFN)

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