Last Chance to See Senior CFOs Offering Their Advice On Best Career Transition Strategies

                                      & TFN


             Tips While In Transition And How To Manage Transition In The Future

                                           On Tuesday; January 31, 2017

                                                    Sponsored by:

                                                    Jeff Gregory of

                       Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

“Being in Transition, or better yet, Avoiding Transition.”

We have organized a panel of Senior CFO’s from our TFN network who will provide based on their extensive experience:

  1. How to personally deal with Transition
  2. Operating as a Finance Professional managing our careers during these times where Transition is the norm
  3. Providing leadership to our Companies and teams during transition

The panelists bring their perspective from practical examples of being in transition and enjoying long successful careers.

David has also through his networking introduced Karin Hoernig, an HR/Facilitation Professional to TFN and she has volunteered to facilitate our meeting.

In addition to the discussion by the Panel, Karin will organize discussions amongst all the attendees about their own success stories to share with each other. So gain the benefit of all the experiences and perspectives of your TFN colleagues to help you to continue to expand your knowledge and capabilities. Enrich your network by meeting all the attendees.


Time: informal networking starts at 6:00PM; Dinner at 6:30 PM; Panel starts at about 7:15. Coffee break about 8:15.  Further presentation/discussion at tables from 8:30 to 9:30

Cost is $45.00 which is all inclusive for buffet fajitas dinner with all the fixings, non alcoholic beverages, taxes, tip, A vegetarian option is available on request. Send an EMail to Larry Cooper.  (

Location:   Lone Star Texas Grill, 930 Dixon Rd (near the airport) “Filling in the Gaps for Canadian Accountants”.

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