4 Ways to Uncover the Hidden Potential In Your Company

There are many ways to increase the value of your business. One of the easiest is to uncover the hidden potential we all have right at our fingertips.

I’m referring to using what you already possess to drive sales, improve productivity, increase operations efficiencies and the list goes on.

Here are four ideas to reveal UNTAPPED POTENTIAL within your company.

1. Recognize the Greatness in Your Staff – If you carefully listen to your staff individually and with a completely open mind you will find at least one underutilized resource. An employee who has taken their own time to learn how to make themselves better at their job. They come to you with suggestions. Step in when another staffer is away. Try to make the business better. But for some reason you haven’t moved them up or truly recognized all their potential. Time to have a long conversation with them. You know who I’m referring to.

2. Previously Explored Products or Services – You saw an opportunity years ago. Created a product or service and never ran with it. The time wasn’t right, you were too busy, it was outside your comfort zone blah blah blah. Perhaps it’s time to bring it into the light of day.

3. Explore New Markets – You’ve done well locally or even nationally. How about going international. Find an international sales agent, look for a partner in another country, attend a trade show abroad or participate in a trade mission through your government. Make your offering available in multiple languages.

4. Add Another Target Audience – Maybe if you adapt your offering to suit other audiences you could increase your business dramatically. Change the colour, find a new use for your widget, identify a complementary offering from another company and partner with them. If you’re lucky you can just slide into their sales portfolio.

The point is to think outside the box. Use what you already have around you to grow.

If you’d like some assistance in identifying your hidden potential, please give me a call.


Remember, September is just around the corner.


Regards, Eric

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