5 Insights Into How CFOs Use Social Media

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CFOs were not often the first in the C-suite to embrace social media, but they are no longer particularly rare. So, how are CFOs using social media and what can they tell you about how to be a better, more connected financial leader?

When it comes to social media, is the CFO the final C-suite holdout? The answer is yes … and no.
Robert Half Management Services goes on to say: Without question, finance executives haven’t embraced social media to the degree that chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) have. However, finding a “Social CFO” is no longer the equivalent of balancing the company’s books on the very first try. In fact, CFOs now turn to social media to get the scoop on financial (and sports) news, connect with peers and friends, and share videos, pictures, and articles of interest.
So, what’s prompting CFOs and other finance leaders to finally join the conversation?
The reasons are many — and varied. They include:
Read these 5 insights to find out.

Are you using Social Media?

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