AcSB Meeting Agenda – September 21-22, 2016

The topics the Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) plans to discuss, in addition to routine updates, and anticipated actions, if any, are outlined below. Although current at the date prepared (August 29, 2016), this agenda is subject to change.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Accounting Standards Advisory Forum (ASAF)

  • Gather input from the AcSB on topics to be covered at ASAF’s September 29, 2016 meeting.

Definition of a Business and Accounting for Previously Held Interests

  • Consider the key points to include in the AcSB’s response to the IASB’s Exposure Draft, “Definition of a Business and Accounting for Previously Held Interests (Proposed amendment to IFRS 3 and IFRS 11).”

IFRS Discussion Group

  • Consider potential changes to the IFRS Discussion Group’s mandate.

Rate-regulated Activities

  • Consider the AcSB staff paper on the economic substance of rate-regulated activities that will be presented at ASAF’s September meeting.

Standards for Private Enterprises

Consultation on Priorities for Part II of the Handbook

  • Consider the scope of a potential project to consult with stakeholders about the relative priorities for future Part II projects.
  • Discuss possible outreach relating to issues regarding the recognition of revenue.

Post-implementation Review – Financial Instruments

  • Consider next steps regarding feedback received on the Post-implementation Review of Section 3856, Financial Instruments.

Subsidiaries and Interests in Joint Arrangements

  • Consider an analysis of responses to the AcSB’s Exposure Draft, “Clarifications to Sections 1591 and 3056,” and approve the final amendments.

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