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Performance Management maximizes the likelihood of meeting objectives.

A. Comprehensive definition of performance management Performance Management (PM) is a continuous process that involves a collection of integrated activities aimed at ensuring company objectives are met. Business research has revealed that over 50% of work done in organizations directly conflicts with the organization’s strategic goals and priorities. Find out how to get employees back on task. Business research also

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Making meetings much more dynamic – Part 2 of 3

You recently read (in Part 1) about three recommendations to prepare for meetings that will transform the value of meetings. They were: 1) Develop a clear, tangible objective to be accomplished; 2) Be sure that a meeting is the best way to achieve your objective; and 3) Start the meeting when it’s time (that doesn’t always mean “on time”).  

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Making meetings much more dynamic – Part 1 of 3

Making meetings much more dynamic – Part 1 of 3 Ah meetings! Good ones can motivate and educate, promote teamwork and keep people on task. You know what poor ones can do. Sadly, the wasted time, frustration and conflict that can arise from bad meetings is experienced much more than the benefits of the good ones. Yet time and again

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10 reasons to adopt dynamic performance management (DPM) – Reasons 1-3

2015 Hiring Trends - Financial Analysts & Senior Accountants

This three-part article series will provide 10 key reasons that you will want to consider some version of DPM in 2017. Effective performance management: the term has perhaps lost its cache, but the concept is still critical to business survival! Performance management (PM) will always be relevant because business success will always require good to great performance. Dynamic performance management

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