Becoming a great Finance-Accounting Communicator-Storyteller – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

Becoming a great Finance-Accounting Communicator/Storyteller Sponsored by

Jeffrey Gregory of Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.


An interactive online zoom call on January 30th at 07:00 pm Eastern Time

Why is having great communication skills a ‘game changer’ for any Finance or Accounting professional?

85% of our success is driven by our communication skills as per The Dale Carnegie Institute.

Warren Buffett famously credits his enrollment in a public speaking course at the Dale Carnegie institute as one of the most important decisions in his life.

Finance and Accounting professionals often have tremendous technical skills in their field of expertise.  Unfortunately, they often have underdeveloped soft skills and are unable to effectively influence business partners.  This is where the power of storytelling can come in. All Finance/Accounting professionals can become great communicators if they use a framework and deliberate practice.

In this interactive talk, Ron Monteiro a Finance professional like all of you will share his storytelling journey (I was extremely shy and had underdeveloped soft skills), process, tips, and tools to help anyone become a proficient storyteller. He will explain how he transformed himself from the typical shy and introverted accountant with underdeveloped soft skills into a powerful communicator through story telling.

His storytelling process is a three-pronged approach to help you ACE your presentation, meeting, or conversation.

A – Audience – Understand and Cater to your audience.

C – Content – Create insightful and interesting content that is suited to your audience.

E – Execution – Learn how to develop great body language and use your voice as a powerful tool in your communication.

This process can be applied to all communication including very technical Finance/Accounting meetings or presentations such as a Balance Sheet review.

Our Speaker

Ron Monteiro, CPA, CMA is the founder of KICT Inc (a company that is focused on helping Finance/Accounting individuals and teams maximize their potential).  Ron also facilitates leadership training for Clear Concept Inc. and does keynote speaking and teaching at universities domestically and internationally.

Ron worked for 18 years in the consumer packaged goods industry and his last three Finance/Accounting roles were at the Director/VP level.  He enjoys sharing his practical learning tips with Finance/Accounting individuals and teams.


Becoming a great Finance-Accounting Communicator-Storyteller – Sponsored  by Jeffrey Gregory



Great workshop, very valuable and inspiring. I would like to attend the workshop again………..Chiedozie Megwa

Each event is fantastic! I learn something new every time that will help me in my professional and personal life. I hope to be a regular in events. Mrigank Kabra


The workshop was very informative and well organized, covering the relevant topics and providing the right amount of content. The audience had adequate opportunity to ask questions to the speaker and interact with the fellow attendees. It was a workshop worth the time and cost. Look forward to attending the future workshops. Kul Makkar Director ITA Canada

Paul Calleri, Founder of and the CPA Toronto Accounting Group


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