COMMUNICATING FOR SUCCESS – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory




Sponsored by: Jeff Gregory of Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

 December 6, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

 Communicate for Success:

  1. Become unshakable, answer any questions with confidence
  2. Learn the hidden power of nonverbal communication
  3. Leave this webinar with more confidence as a speaker and you won’t be caught off guard by questions anymore

Learn to put into action the SPIC method to answer any questions confidently

Learn how to use eye contact, posture, and gestures to answer any questions with even more confidence.

Note that NVC accounts for about 60% of what we remember from a speech. Master your eyes, hands and posture and you are already on a highway to become a great orator.


COMMUNICATING FOR SUCCESS – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

Tom Roberts is a young promising entrepreneur who helped hundreds of people become better and more confident speakers.

Tom recently founded Neologos, a training agency specialised in communications skills and learning skills. The firm provides its services to public institutions and companies in Europe as well as groups of interested people all around the world.

Prior to founding Neologos, Tom lived in India, France and then the United States to explore the different kinds of academic systems. With a very early start in professional training, Tom has accumulated a significant amount of experience, recognized by the top French Universities who invites him often as a speaker.





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