FLEXSOURCING – November 8, 2022 Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory



On Tuesday; November 8, 2022 Sponsored by: Jeff Gregory of

Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

98% of the businesses in Canada have fewer than 100 employees.

In the past 20 years, how we work has changed dramatically. Long ago, Western society came up with the notion of a 40 hour work week.  Laws were passed around this number and now the Employment Standards Act is very clear about hours of work.

The concept of one job equals a fixed number of hours often does not fit the small or mid-size business.  It also does not fit the lifestyle of a great number of workers.  With the use of technology and better management techniques, our jobs now require us to be more nimble.

The Pandemic has changed the work world forever, accelerating trends that had begun to emerge earlier.

For many industries, staffing has now transitioned from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market.

So how do we re-invent ourselves to use these changes to our advantage?

Jeff Chorlton, President & CEO of Flexserv, will speak on how to take advantage of the structural inefficiencies between supply and demand of skilled staff in the small and mid-sized environment.  Changing how you define your work life can lead to significant competitive advantage.

Learn about Flexsourcing and how it has already begun to profoundly change the work environment.

This is a session that will apply to all, whether or in transition. DON’T MISS IT.


TheGAAP.net –  FLEXSOURCING – November 8 2022 Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

Jeff Chorlton is an experienced business leader who has assisted many hundreds of businesses and charities during his career.

Jeff is President & CEO of Flexserv, the company he founded in 2011. The firm provides internal accounting and HR services to clients on an ongoing, long-term basis with bookkeepers, controllers and HR professionals.  Flexserv works with organizations with Canadian operations from very small up to about 70 staff.

Prior to founding Flexserv, Jeff successfully ran three tech companies.  Previous to that, he was with Accenture and PwC, for whom he sold among the largest Canadian engagements to the government and corporate sectors.

Jeff served over 25 years on not-for-profit and charitable boards.  He has an MBA and Electrical Engineering Degree from McGill University.  He has travelled to 68 countries, has 2 brilliant adult sons, enjoys hiking, scotch and being with his wonderful wife.




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