& GTA Accountants Network Present a: Full Day PD Event Sponsored by: John Preiditsch of Six S Partners ERP Consulting & GTA Accountants Network

Present a:

Full Day PD Event

Sponsored by:

John Preiditsch


Six S Partners ERP Consulting

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February 27th – Full Day PD Event

Feb 27, 2018 8:30am EST

$200 CAD (+tax)

The following topics will be covered during this event:

1. The soft/emotional side of deals and succession planning
Speaking on the emotional and logical sides of Family business succession and transfer, Maria will cover the realities of succession planning, the main steps in the process and she will share some case studies of real succession processes. Speaker: Maria Milanetti, CHRL, ACPC, CFBA of MarchFifteen Consulting
2. The Importance of Shareholder Agreements for Emerging Companies

  • Why shareholder agreements are important both generally and in the context of emerging businesses;
  • What shareholder agreements should generally address and particular elements that should be considered therein; and
  • When and how to address issues that may arise while negotiating and creating a shareholder agreement.

Speaker: Eric Kleine, LL.B. of Miller Thomson LLP

3. Mediation/arbitration and why it is so superior to the court process for both clients and their lawyers 

Speaker: Jane Connon, LL.B. 

4. Grey Divorce – It’s That Kind of Different

It’s no secret that divorce rates have been steadily climbing for years. But more recently, increasing numbers of middle-aged couples (and older) are deciding they want out. Whether sparked by an empty nest, marital problems that have continued unceasingly for years, or simply the fact that they want to be on their own, many baby boomers and senior citizens have decided that enough is enough. But saying and doing are two separate things. These “grey divorce” couples face unique challenges in retirement planning as a result of later-in-life separations. With limited earning power and less time to recoup their financial losses, grey divorcees need to re-visit their financial plans. Eva Sachs, co-author of the book “When Harry Left Sally –Finding your way through Grey Divorce”  will share her insights when working with this demographic.

Speaker: Eva Sachs, CFP, CDFA, CFDS of Eva Sachs Divorce Financial Consulting

5. The 2018 CPA Jobs Study by Luminari

Using proprietary data from our community of thousands of CPAs, Luminari is able to pull out unique data that showcases the trends of CPA careers across the country.. In his talk, Adam will be sharing some of the most fascinating stats and figures about how the new generation of CPAs want different things in their career. Focusing on never before shared data, Adam will take you through the state of CPA career progression and what people want from their careers in 2018 (hint; it’s not necessarily money). He’ll also be discussing some of the early trends Luminari has been seeing from the amalgamation and how it’s affecting salary expectations, along with thoughts on the future of designated professionals and their careers as more and more jobs are automated.

Speaker: Adam Bercovici of Luminari

6. Accounting driven by users (lenders)

  • Two big changes in reporting requested by lenders
  • Joint venture accounting, lease accounting, and preferred shares
  • Why the change and the impact on financial statements
  • How to plan for these accounting changes

Speaker: Soheil Talebi, CPA, CA, CF of Lipton LLP

7. Estate Planning

Speaker: Pascal D’Souza, CPA, CA, CFA, CBV of Edward Jones 

8. Communication as a Tool for Mutual Success

When we communicate with our colleagues or clients we often do so on autopilot, out of necessity. In the day-to-day routine, it is easy to forget that the effective use of open channels of communication can lead to both individual and team success. The question is, how can we ensure that our day-to-day communication is a positive experience aimed at maximum results? How do we maintain our own professional success, while also positively contributing to a team? In this session, we explore and discuss effective communication techniques.

Speaker: Roche Melon Consulting

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