Jump Start Your Business by Outmaneuvering Uncertainty – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory

TheGAAP.net  Presents: Jump Start Your Business by Outmaneuvering Uncertainty

Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory of Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

Sept 15, 2020 – 7:00 p.m. 

COVID-19 pandemic has challenged even the best of established businesses. It is significantly impacting businesses and the economy.

Now’s the time to shift focus to efforts that support a return to work, while addressing needed changes in the months ahead. Organisations can begin making the shift – from mobilising during this time, to stabilising in the new environment and strategizing for what’s next.


Connecting with Changing Customer Habits

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to re-evaluate how their teams work, how employees deliver customer experiences, where they work, and how cloud technologies can be used to support work from home and business continuity through the crisis and beyond.

It has forever changed our experiences―as customers, employees and humans ― and our attitudes and behaviors are changing as a result.

Learn How to use CRM to jump-start your re-opening 

  • CRM increases sales by up to 29%, improves productivity by up to 34% and boost forecast accuracy by 40% (Salesforce).
  • CRM is known to improve customer retention, by as much as 27% (Trackvia).
  • A 10% increase in CRM software use, drives a 1% increase in revenue growth or $30,000 a year for an average SMB (Deloitte).

What Will You Will Learn

  • Why 79% of all leads are never converted to sales and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to your organization
  • How to use marketing automation to convert leads to customers faster
  • How to manage and automate the sales process within one single platform
  • Manage KPIs, analytics and artificial intelligence to measure performance

Speaker bio:

Miguel Ribeiro – Cyber Security & Business Continuity Expert

​Miguel Ribeiro founded VBS IT Services in 2007 and has been leading a “can do attitude” of remote employees since. When Miguel started in IT in 1998, he learned a tough lesson when a month’s data was lost after experiencing data corruption due to a virus that took 3 months to recover from.

The experience left painful scars of a slow and challenging recovery, with lost revenue. Miguel made it a personal mission to learn how to protect his business and his clients’ with the best business continuity strategies and solutions. His mission has evolved over the years to include cyber security protection and employee training awareness programs to create the Human Firewall.

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Paul Calleri, Founder of TheGAAP.net & The CPA Toronto Accounting Group


“I am always excited by the classy events, especially because of the ambiance of the Weston Country Club where they are held. The topics are always intriguing and I believe attending these events makes me feel well-informed! You also get to build your network by meeting so many smart people during these events. Kudos to the organizers of TheGAAP.Net for conducting phenomenal events – Looking forward to the next!!” Chinnu Jose

Great workshop, very valuable and inspiring. I would like to attend the workshop again………………….Chiedozie Megwa

Each event is fantastic! I learn something new every time that will help me in my professional and personal life. I hope to be a regular in TheGAAP.net events. Mrigank Kabra

The workshop was very informative and well organized, covering the relevant topics and providing the right amount of content. The audience had adequate opportunity to ask questions to the speaker and interact with the fellow attendees. It was a workshop worth the time and cost. Look forward to attending the future workshops. Kul Makkar Director ITA Canada



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