Personal Branding – 5 Ways to Cultivate Your Online Presence

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It isn’t hard to understand why your online presence is very important. A large part of the Internet today is social media. It has become almost an expectation for individuals and corporations to have an online presence. This expectation is so powerful that any individual or organization that lacks an online presence loses a certain amount of credibility. This is true for individuals as well as businesses. So how does one go about creating an online presence? Let’s start with 5 ways to cultivate your online presence for professional individuals.

  • Embrace Social Media. Get an account with all the major Social Media networks that are relevant to you and the people you want following you. Let’s talk about a few of these:
    • Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus (General purpose for updates and information sharing)
    • Instagram & Pinterest (Photo sharing and visual branding)
    • LinkedIn (Establishing a professional network)
  • Post regularly. To establish an online presence, you will always have to keep it up-to-date. This means that daily information sharing and status updates are necessary to keep your online identity alive. If you leave an account dormant, your followers will lose interest and you prevent yourself from gaining new followers.
  • Create a personal website. Social Media is not meant to be a replacement for a personal website, especially if you are a professional. Your personal website should be a place where everyone goes to find out more information about you. You should have links to all your social media accounts. Think of the website as a central hub of your online identity.
  • Know your audience. Depending on your profession you want to attract a specific following. If you are selling a product or service, you want to cater to the customer’s that will want to buy. If you are a professional looking to network with other professionals, you want to cater to them. This will dictate the design of your website and the content you share on social media. Make sure all content is relevant and appropriate.
  • Talk to your audience. Social media is designed to allow you to communicate with your audience / following. It creates an interactivity that wasn’t around in the past. Take advantage of it. Communication with your audience gives you a better reputation and will encourage people to follow you.
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