Are You Ready For Your First Day As A Manager; or Just Chose To Start Looking Like One?

Whether you were just promoted or just chose to start looking like one. The following could help you be successful at it. By the way; why chose to start looking like one. I heard many years ago you should look and act like the next level position that you aspire too. I have always subscribed to this line of thinking. Has it helped? Well I can’t say that it hasn’t and no one can ever say I don’t look professional. 

It is important that you prepare for your first day as a manager. Did you have your clothes cleaned and pressed? Are you dressing in line with the company dress code? I worked in one organization where I was told on my first day; Friday is casual day, but remember your position. What he meant was that I should look professional every day and on Friday no jeans for us, however the men could drop the tie for that day.  

Have you shined your shoes? Do you have a proper bag, briefcase or laptop bag that says success? Do you have a proper pen? When I was taking a weekend seminar to prepare for one of my exams a prof said that even a pen spells success; so pick up a good one. I have a cross that cost about $50.00 that I always keep in a Portfolio I use for important meetings. (Oh yeah pick up a good one of those also.)The rest of the time I use one of the pens that I purchased. They cost me about $4.00 for 50 of them, but look a lot more expensive and it gives me another chance to get my name out there when someone borrows it; as I had them engraved. However if you’re not working for yourself go to a stationary store and I’m sure for about $25 you’ll get something you’ll be proud to use. Appearance counts; presentation is everything. Think about every part of your first day and make sure everything that either the new company, department etc. sees is pristine. This is especially true if you go to another company. Wash that car, where a clean coat, have a portfolio to take notes, and so on.  

Now that you’ve covered the outer; think of the inner. You finally made it. Enjoy the moment. Be positive and self-confident at all times. Have a mini speech ready should you be introduced to your new team in a meeting setting rather than introduced one by one. I start by thanking my new boss and praising the company and what I’ve heard about the team. I then give a mini bio of myself and finish by saying how much I look forward working with them.

Excerpt from Paul J. Calleri’s up and coming book on Management Excellence.

Paul J. Calleri is a CPA, CMA of Paul J. Calleri, Chartered Professional Accounting, founder of and entrepreneur.

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