Successful Managers Have a Proactive Afternoon Routine

If you haven’t read “Successful Managers Have a Proactive Morning Routine” you can pick it up here:

Do You Want to be a Successful Manager; Then Start Your Day With a Proactive Morning Routine

You’ve gone through your morning routine, had a nutritional lunch and have taken a few moments for yourself. It’s now the afternoon.

Take a walk and see how your team is doing; sometimes by simply taking a walk around and saying hello or how are you doing to one or more; the team may want to update you on something or ask a question. Note please: I am a firm believer in an open door policy and encourage the team to come in and speak with me about anything. I do not take their problems though. I will discuss the problem with them and give them some advice if they require and encouragement if I believe they need that; as well. But in the end a person that walks in with a problem walks out with it as well; but is willing and able to handle it. This is how people grow and move on to take on much larger and more complex problems. If by comparison you take on the problem, then you are doomed to have a workload that continues to expand and a team that does not grow.

I then get back to my scheduled work for the day; whether it is my goal(s), and or the other duties until 2:00.

Note: Voice mails & E-mails may be urgent but should not deter you from your Goals for the day.

Between 2:00 to 2:30; I address all the voice mails that required a call back and take the calls for those who I requested call me back as well. I then update my schedules as required to do the work that is generated from the calls.

I then get back to my scheduled work for the day; whether it is my goal(s), and or the other duties.

I schedule a last look for the day at voice messages, email Outlook etc. and again adjust my schedule accordingly.

Excerpt from Paul J. Calleri’s up and coming book on Management Excellence.

Paul J. Calleri is a CPA, CMA of Paul J. Calleri, Chartered Professional Accounting, founder of and entrepreneur.

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