Sustainability can Increase your Profits – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory Presents: Sustainability can Increase your Profits Sponsored by:

Jeffrey Gregory Of Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. 

An interactive online zoom training, Tues May 30, 2023 – 7:00 to 9:00 PM

How Sustainability Can Increase Profit
Businesses need to be sustainable if they want to survive.  Sustainability isn’t just about offsetting your carbon footprint. It’s also about making real changes that minimize waste and rethink the status quo in order to improve your business. The COVID-19 pandemic proved how important sustainable business practices are in an organization, yet many still struggle to implement appropriate practices. Learn why sustainability is important to your business, including avoiding greenwashing traps and how younger generations are demanding change.

This talk will showcase examples of small businesses that have implemented sustainable practices that have saved them money. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A to discuss your business’s specific challenges and approaches for management to understand the business case for sustainability.

Our Speaker

Samantha Richardson is a third-generation Certified Practicing Accountant Associate (CPA) from North Queensland, Australia. She worked for her family business from a young age and has over ten years’ experience working with small businesses in four different countries across a wide range of industries. Samantha values Corporate Social Responsibility and recognises that the only way environmentalism could be widely adopted would be through educating the majority of small businesses (SMEs) about the business benefits of sustainability. Samantha started the Ethical Profit Agency in 2015, Canada’s second B Corporation accounting firm. Samantha spent five years researching and pouring her knowledge into a book, “Ethical Profit: A Guide to Increasing Profit Using Sustainable Business Practices” in order to spread an important message: being “green” actually increases profits.


Sustainability Can Increase Your Profits – Sponsored by Jeffrey Gregory


Great workshop, very valuable and inspiring. I would like to attend the workshop again………………….Chiedozie Megwa

Each event is fantastic! I learn something new every time that will help me in my professional and personal life. I hope to be a regular in events. Mrigank Kabra

The workshop was very informative and well organized, covering the relevant topics and providing the right amount of content. The audience had adequate opportunity to ask questions to the speaker and interact with the fellow attendees. It was a workshop worth the time and cost. Look forward to attending the future workshops. Kul Makkar Director ITA Canada

Paul Calleri, Founder of and the CPA Toronto Accounting Group

Larry Cooper, Founder of TFN

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