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Strategic Management Accounting

strategic management accounting

We have all heard about strategic management accounting, but what is it and how does it affect our company? In this article you can find a comprehensive and detailed description of strategic management accounting and what it stands for, as well as some great techniques that you can use to get the best results! What is strategic management accounting? Simply

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Accounting – The AcSB 2016-2021 Draft Strategic Plan

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Roundtable Discussions – Stakeholders’ Views Sought on the AcSB 2016-2021 Draft Strategic Plan The Accounting Standards Board’s (AcSB’s)  “roundtable discussions being held July through September 2015 to share your views on the Invitation to Comment on its 2016-2021 Draft Strategic Plan, “Accounting Standards in Canada: At the Leading Edge of Financial Reporting.” The strategies affect a wide range of stakeholders.”   Register today! Visit

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Webinar – The AcSB’s Next Strategic Plan: Have Your Say!

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CPA Canada is presenting this free Webinar as follows: “Tune in to this webinar on July 7, 2015 (English) or July 8, 2015 (French) to hear highlights of the AcSB 2016-2021 Draft Strategic Plan and how you can provide input to its finalization.” “At the Leading Edge of Financial Reporting – The AcSB’s Next Strategic Plan” The AcSB has invited everyone

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