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Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting

The Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting, presented annually by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), are the most prestigious and coveted national awards of their kind in the country.

The program has recognized the best reporting practices for more than 60 years and honours Canadian listed companies and Crown organizations.
Unlike other award programs, the Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting provides entrants with valuable feedback from leading experts in financial reporting, corporate governance, sustainability reporting and electronic disclosure. This confidential feedback can help you and your organization improve the quality of your reporting year over year.

These awards reflect CPA Canada’s commitment to enhancing the quality of corporate reporting by promoting and recognizing excellence.

Objectives:  

To recognize the best corporate reporting models in Canada  To strengthen corporate reporting in Canada  To recognize leaders in the areas of financial reporting, electronic disclosure, corporate governance disclosure and sustainability reporting

Learn more about the awards criteria 

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