presents – Analyzing IFRS Financial Statements…What are the differences Webinar – Sponsored by CTAP Inc.

Join us on Oct 9th.

1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

1 CPD hour

$149.00 plus H.S.T.

Course Description

The adoption of IFRS has resulted in some significant changes when it comes to analyzing financial statements. For example, how do you compare the GAAP statements with the new IFRS statements and how do the new asset valuation methods affect the asset values that are recorded on the balance sheet?

This presentation will show you the techniques that I use to analyze IFRS financial statements quickly and easily. The session will include practical examples that highlight the fundamental differences introduced by IFRS. As well, you will learn a unique approach to assessing a company’s cash flow and its subsequent ability to pay its bills.

Learning Objectives :

  • GAAP vs. IFRS
  • The four key principles of IFRS
  • A new valuation model – is Historical Cost gone completely?
  • How revenue has changed under IFRS – how crucial can it be?
  • Follow the money – deciphering the Cash Flow Statement
  • Using financial statement notes to “decode” the numbers

Speaker: Mike Morley, MBA, CPA  

A Certified Public Accountant, business author Mike Morley is an entertaining and informative speaker and a recognized authority in the field of finance.

Mike offers various training programs, such as IFRS, SOX, and Financial Statement Analysis that focus on providing continuing education opportunities for finance and accounting professionals.


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