Traditional SEO is dying a slow and painful death

Why is traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dying a slow and painful death?

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Find out why you may not be getting the best ROI on your digital marketing.

Come hear about our unique approach ( iOPW ) to SEO with 3 proprietary platforms that have been in practice for almost a decade and currently delivering incredible results to almost 400 of our clients for a fraction of the cost of traditional SEO.

Your knowledge base and sphere of influence is bigger than you think. Let us help you tap into them to increase your presence or your company’s presence online drastically


Traditional iSEO focuses on optimizing your one website to appease search algorithms for optimization. Gone are the days of trying to “fool” search engines like Google with what is commonly referred to as Black Hat SEO Tactics. Every time the SEO industry finds a tactic that works to get sites ranked quickly, ultimately Google, Yahoo and Bing make updates to their algorithms, and suddenly the tactic which your SEO supplier has been implementing will suddenly not only stop working but could now potentially be penalizing your SEO score card.

What makes iOPW (Increase Your Online Presence Worldwide) different and Why?

iOPW focuses on content publishing our patent-pending platforms that follow Google’s terms of service precisely. Our platforms that have been strategically designed to show Google and all of the search engines that the content is unique, relevant to search and set up to build your authority among search engine web crawlers.

Effectively there are three important differences between traditional SEO and iOPW that highlight the superiority of iOPW over traditional SEO companies.

  1. SEO is a single platform protocol whereas iOPW is a multi platform.

  2. With multi platforms you have security. The risk of hacking and virus infection with an inevitable shutdown is dramatically reduced.

  3. iOPW’s superior reach helps our clients cast a wide net allowing them to occupy multiple spots on Page #1 results for multiple search terms, phrases and categories, a result which is impossible with basic SEO

As a Finance professional are you out of the loop on digital marketing because you don’t understand it. Get back in the game. Learn how you can add value in this critical aspect of marketing.


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