Updating your Business Website (Being Responsive is Important!)

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A responsive website isn’t one that responds to your audience’s needs, though that is definitely a great feature for a website. When I talk about responsive websites, I’m talking about the website being able to respond to the device that they are being viewed on. This means that a website will work perfectly on any device regardless of how big the screen is.

There are a lot of benefits with having a responsive website and surprisingly there are a lot of small business sites that do not have this feature. The site may work well on a computer or laptop but once you view it on a tablet or smart phone, the site utterly falls apart. One of the greatest benefits of a website that can be viewed on any device is accessibility. It is very easy for someone to get information about your business whether they be on the go, or comfortable at home. Additionally, a large amount of web traffic is mobile, so not having a mobile responsive/friendly website alienates a good chunk of your audience.

The importance of a device friendly website is now even more important than ever. Did you know that Google prioritizes its search engine rankings based on whether or not a website is responsive? That means, if you do not have a responsive mobile friendly website and your competition does, you are working with a disadvantage.

If you haven’t already, make your site responsive, and get a head start on your competitors!

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