CPA CPD 101: Requirements cont’d

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Yesterday we spoke of the minimum amount of continuing professional development that a Member must complete by December 31, 2015, unless the Member is exempt. We went on to say that 50% must be verifiable.


Today we continue the requirements from CPA Ontario as follows:

What Learning Qualifies as CPD

Each Member should undertake continuing professional development relevant and appropriate to the Member’s work and professional responsibilities to develop and maintain the Member’s competence necessary to provide high quality service to clients, employers, and other stakeholders. To be recognized towards your CPD requirement the activity shall:


  1. be quantifiable, meaning that it must be specifically identifiable and be able to be expressed in terms of a specific time requirement;
  2. be directly related to the competencies needed to carry on the Member’s employment or practice;
  3. be relevant to the Member’s current professional needs and/or long-term career interests; and
  4. contain significant intellectual or practical content.


A licensed public accountant must ensure that their CPD activities directly relate to the competencies needed to provide public accounting services.

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