CPA CPD 101: Requirements Part 3

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On Wednesday; we spoke about the “Fifty percent of the annual and triennial hours must be verifiable” regulation.


I knew that I had the 120 CPD points. The next step was identifying the verifiable hours. I went through each CPD point and simply checked off the verifiable ones; I then summed them up and found that I have over 58% as verifiable; this was well over the 50% and I am still accumulating more CPD points. Keep in mind every CPD point I acquire; continues my professional development.


Have you checked yours? The December 31st. deadline is fast approaching. You do not want to suffer the consequences of not having the CPD points you are responsible for.


The following is CPA Ontario’s official definition of Verifiable CPD’s:

Verifiable CPD (Regulation 4-5, s.1.6)

Verifiable continuing professional development means that the learning can be objectively verified by a competent source and may include:

  • participation in courses, conferences and seminars;
  • organized employer-based in-house training sessions;
  • research or student projects in areas that expand professional knowledge of the Member and that result in presentations, reports or similar documentation;
  • research, including reading professional literature or journals for specific application in a professional role;
  • participation and work on technical committees;
  • published professional writing or academic work;
  • writing technical articles, papers or books;
  • teaching a course or a continuing professional development session in an area that is relevant to a professional role;
  • participation as a speaker in conferences, briefing sessions or discussion groups;
  • formal study such as leading to a degree or diploma;
  • pre-professional re-examination or formal testing;
  • self study involving successful completion of an examination or leading to a designation.


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