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We are asking you to unleash your writing potential. has had many writers over the years for.

I have asked some of accountings best known leaders, authors, speakers, lecturers etc. to share their knowledge and experience with our members and they have. You probably know many of them yourself.

We are now asking you to unleash your writing potential with an article in your field to our many members. We will post it as an update on – Sample:

Plan Cross Training Now or Be Prepared to Have to Contend to Cover Someone’s Position Later

 Many of us have been blessed with great success. This is the time to give back. What you know as common place may help those with less experience. That one article could change someone’s life. I read one article years ago that catapulted me into senior accounting positions in some of Canada’s leading organizations and I have not looked back since. That article changed my life.

One accountant read one of the articles on and said he had been in a slump and that it gave him the knowledge and motivation to get up and work harder and smarter toward seeking employment and he succeeded.

Be heard today. Share that knowledge and wisdom and we will also share your article with our members on:

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Your article will reach thousands of accountants. Be known as the CPA who helps fellow CPA members.

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