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Strategic Management Accounting

strategic management accounting

We have all heard about strategic management accounting, but what is it and how does it affect our company? In this article you can find a comprehensive and detailed description of strategic management accounting and what it stands for, as well as some great techniques that you can use to get the best results! What is strategic management accounting? Simply

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Review – The Economist April 18 to April 24, 2015 (Family and Business)

Work or Family

This particular review is about a section in the April 18 to 24, 2015 edition of The Economist.  This magazine runs many well researched pieces on various business topics and this edition includes “Dynasties, the enduring power of families in business and politics.”  I think it is worthwhile to read for any accountant and business professional.  We do not all

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For a Successful Enterprise, Cultivate Investor Relations

cultivating investor relations

Although investor and stakeholder relations can’t be measured or calculated on a spreadsheet, their value can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. Your brand’s reputation and success are contingent upon effective relationships with not just clients, but also with others affected by how you do business. In short, healthy stakeholder and investor relations are crucial for running a sustainable enterprise.

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