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The Economist Report on Financial Technology (Banks & Business)

Banks and Financial Technology

I want to recommend an article in The Economist May 9th – 15th 2015 issue.  This edition includes a 14 page special report on financial technology (fintech) and it is worth reading.  Our economy is based on credit and money transfers.   This will not change but the methods by which it will be done most definitely will.  Technology will change

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Website Design and Success in Business

Responsive Web Design

In today’s technologically driven landscape it is pretty much impossible to run a business without a proper website. Websites are essentially online store fronts for your business. If it doesn’t look good, it will deter people from wanting to explore your brand more. This is why it is important to keep your site updated and well designed. Using the analogy

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Accounting Firms: Follow These Hot Tips for Maximum Profit in 2015

  The New Year has come and gone, which means by now, we are all back in the flow of our daily routines. It’s not too late however, to make some new resolutions that can help your firm grow by significant leaps and bounds. By taking the tips from those that analyze the market, you can maximize profits for this

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