Working With a Staffing Firm: 5 Benefits for Consultants

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Working With a Staffing Firm: 5 Benefits for Consultants 

Whenever anyone asks me for help to become a successful consultant; the first question I ask is:

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” One of the benefits of being an accountant is the transition for someone with marketable skills could be easy,

however the life of a consultant will probably be challenging for most. Take it from me. I love what I do, but each contract takes time to source and acquire and you have to learn how

to market yourself. That is a huge topic in itself.


On the bright side when I made a decision in 2004 to become a consultant. The first call I made was to Robert Half Management Resources. They landed me a

great contract within weeks. I now have a great mix of my own clients and that of great employment agencies like Robert Half Management Resources.


Working with a staffing firm can help set experienced consultants or those just entering the field on a course for career success. Here are five reasons, in addition to attractive compensation, consultants should consider working with a reputable staffing firm.


by Robert Half Management Resources on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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