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Most Financial Leaders find a move to Consulting Attractive Logo

Most Financial Leaders find a move to Consulting Attractive, as reported by Michael Weiss. Follow for the complete story:–cuEAcJpM2EffxkCYNpbWSLLtcheCwPwYhCInGsyOCdKXw0E4O8YCFmYGdoWSH-l-grO2eG2_hCTelSLRbr7fqGz4hwA&_hsmi=16830511 Have you made the transition to a Consulting profession; and if so, what advice can you give our members. Michael Weiss is a senior public relations manager for Robert Half Management Resources and Robert Half Finance & Accounting.

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9 in 10 CFOs Say A Consulting Career Is Attractive Logo

94 per cent of chief financial officers (CFOs) said they find consulting attractive: says a recent Robert Half Management Resources survey. Follow for the entire press release: If you are a Consultant that originally was a CFO; do you have any advice for our fellow members who are thinking about it?

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Investor Perspective: ‘Helping Investors Better Understand Cash Flow’ Logo

‘Helping Investors Better Understand Cash Flow’ is the most current Investor Perspective. Investors Nick Anderson, Gunnar Miller and Tanya Branwhite discuss the merits of the proposed amendments in the following article: Are you an investor? If so do you have any  thoughts you would like to share with our members on ‘Helping Investors Better Understand Cash Flow’? See also

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Four Things to Know Before Your IPO. Logo

In an article by Robert Half Management Resources: Jim Deloach who is the managing director for Protiviti goes on to say “what companies don’t know about the process can drive an offering off the rails in a hurry”.   Read the full article:–kOn9f_XzXYpe_Ehs0FT4doFplhazwcKac9nA8wAvCsPmrzFNEFtQ3p57cU_RkRhFZ23ydS1qCRO7QAQUzzC_WaIZB2g&_hsmi=16606361   Have you undertaken an IPO? If so do you have any other advice for our

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