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Perception or Reality:  Auditor Independence And Objectivity

Rocky J. Dwyer, PhD, FCPA, CPA, FCMA, CMA   Independence is considered by many to be of paramount importance to the effectiveness of the audit function and increasingly, the public, media critics and regulatory agencies have questioned if auditors are sufficiently independent of their clients in fact and appearance.  While the private and public sectors acknowledge the importance of auditor

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Creating an Accountability Framework to Support Performance Measurement

Article by: Rocky J. Dwyer, PhD, FCPA, FCMA An Accountability Framework should be the product of deliberate and strategic –decision-making, based on an understanding of the organization, its objectives, operating environment and culture.  In the past, accountability referred largely to the processes followed, the inputs used, and the outputs produced. This focus was consistent with the more traditional view of

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Activity based costing

Costs are usually allocated either for decision making, valuation, or cost reimbursement. There are three steps when it comes to the traditional approach of cost allocation, and that is to first accumulate costs within a production department or a non-production one, then allocate the costs from the latter to the production department. The final step comes in the form of

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Change Management

Change management in your organization can translate into whether your company weathers a storm or sinks to the depths of the ocean. Here are 8 tips on how organizations and their leaders can effectively manage change: Effectively managing change is not possible in isolation of risk and crisis management. Risk, crisis and change management have clear interdependencies. Thus, in order

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For a Successful Enterprise, Cultivate Investor Relations

cultivating investor relations

Although investor and stakeholder relations can’t be measured or calculated on a spreadsheet, their value can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. Your brand’s reputation and success are contingent upon effective relationships with not just clients, but also with others affected by how you do business. In short, healthy stakeholder and investor relations are crucial for running a sustainable enterprise.

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Want to Inspire Innovation at Work? Here Are 5 Ways

Confused Woman

Savvy businesses are always looking for ways to inspire innovation at work. Good leaders know that success comes from unconventional thinking and visionary ideas. And creativity is not just for computer companies, artists or ad agencies. In accounting and finance jobs, novel approaches can streamline operations and improve the bottom line. What’s more, when employees feel that management listens to

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Accounting – The CPA gender pay gap

Confusion, Women, Gesturing.

A survey of compensation among CPAs is about to be released. Have things changed since the last report and how does the profession compare with others? When Robin Taub entered the job market, she was convinced that, in her case, there would be no disparity in compensation compared to her fellow male graduates. As a vigorously recruited honours student from

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Accounting & Finance – Talking Brass Tacks and Bottom Lines

TORONTO, July 9, 2015 /TheGAAP.net/ – For individuals on the outside it can often feel like those in the financial world use a language all their own, with enough acronyms, formulas and jargon to make their head spin. So it’s no surprise that financial professionals have trouble trying to get across complex financial information to coworkers. In a Robert Half Finance

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